January 15th, 2008
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Just weeks after the state decided to call off, and altogether ditch the decade old deadbeat roundup, where parents who are behind in their child support are arrested in front of camera men, for all of Ohio to see, deadbeat parents are making noise about unfair treatment.

That’s right, the people who just got off the hook of public embarrassment, are still unhappy with how they are being treated in the legal system. You see, in Ohio there are several different punishments for nonpayment of child support. You can be jailed, which is not by any means a favorite of the offenders, you can have your income-tax returns seized, your license suspended, have a lien filed against you, or even be the star of your very own wanted poster.


The problem is, according to the deadbeat parents that is, that the different counties within the state favor different punishments, so while some in one county may be jailed each time they fall behind in child support, others in a neighboring county may only have their license suspended, even for felony child support offenders. Critics of how the current system is set up are fearful that an unequal system of justice has been created.

Deputy director of the state’s Office of Child Support stated that one size does not fit all, and many counties are looking beyond prison sanctions to punish deadbeat parents. Those opposed to how the system is being run feel that it’s all well and good for counties to explore beyond prison, by all means…explore! Few are really chomping at the bit to serve time, however if other options are going to be explored, than it is felt that all the counties should be digging out their safari hats and tromping through new territory, and not just some.

So what do you think, should there be so much flexibility in the child support system, or should there be uniform punishments for offenders? Do those that fall on hard times or make honest mistakes get punished like hard core criminals, or do those that act as hard core criminals, receive the same gentle nudge that the accidental offenders receive?

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  1. danicarp120 says:

    I believe that if you fall behind on your child support you should be punished.
    I speak for the child. Can the child go without because child support was not sent? NO! Why should a child go without because a parent wants to be a deadbeat.
    I am the mother of two wonderful daughters, ages 10 and 8 months. My oldest was just adopted by my husband – her stepfather. She was able to be adopted because her biological father is a deadbeat. As of the day we filed the adoption pet ion her father had not seen nor corresponded with her for three and a half years. He paid child support sporadically. I could never count on the child support, so when it did come it was like I just won the lottery. Luckily I was a hard worker and worked as much as needed to make ends meet and give my daughter what she needed and most of the time what she wanted. If I had, had the child support weekly like I was entitled to I wouldn’t have had to work so hard and would have been able to spend more time with my daughter.

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