January 30th, 2008
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Okay, so my last post got me thinking about the specific terms in adoption that are used to signify different steps in the adoption process; such as ‘gotcha day’ which is the term used in most international, and some foster care adoptions to describe the day that the parents get to meet their child. I, for one, am not a large fan of the term ‘gotcha day’ and don’t feel that it really fits our situation since my adopted stepson had been living with me prior to his adoption.

‘Adoption day’ is another term that I am not too fond of. It just feels cold to me. “Happy Adoption Day” just doesn’t have that ring to it that makes it feel as special as it should be. A term that I do like is one often used in foster care, and that is ‘forever family.’ This is what they use to describe adoption to the children in care, they have foster families, and when they get adopted, they will have a forever family; one that they will never have to leave.


I like the term forever family, for me the sense of warmth and belonging is there, but that is just me, I am sure that others will have their own opinions. I have been thinking of naming or renaming I suppose, our ‘adoption day‘ ‘Forever Family Day.’ I think that it has a nice ring to it, and it just feels right. Since we celebrate the day as a family, and celebrate the family itself, it seems rather fitting to name the occasion Forever Family Day, where we can surround ourselves with those we love and enjoy the fact that we have each other in our lives.

Does anyone else have a special term that they use to describe their adoption day? Do you stick with the generally accepted adoption terms, or have you found you own terms and phrases that suit your family, your style, and your situation perfectly?

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  1. John says:

    We celebrate the day we met for the first time. It is much less emotionally charged for the kids. We simply refer to it as our anniversary. John

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